Who are we?

We are an LGBTIQ arts organisation.
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Our aims include:

(a) To foster creative skills development within the LGBTIQ community through delivering high quality arts projects

(b) To encourage LGBTIQ and wider community engagement via arts projects

(c) To strive for artistic excellence as a vehicle for effective LGBTIQ advocacy

(d) To promote pride in, and a positive image of, LGBTIQ lived experience

(e) To develop original creative work that supports the previous aims, including development of choral projects

(f) To support creative development projects for the LGBTIQ community

(g) To provide a supportive, non-discriminatory environment which fosters artistic interaction and cooperation

What’s going on with QTas?

We are currently going through a metamorphosis. Up until 2016 we were Tasmania’s choir for LGBTIQ community and allies, but with many creative members, we decided we would like to explore other creative ventures. We have renamed ourselves QTas Arts and have had a break from running the choir to reconsider our focus and strategic priorities. We will be running the choir again from Wednesday August 16 2017, so if you want to join the choir as a new member, please get in touch and we will let you know all the details, or you can find out more here. If you have other creative project ideas (musical or otherwise, please also get in touch and we will discuss these with you.

If you’re a returning QTas Choir member, our next concert will incorporate all our old favourites – and you get to have a say in which ones make the cut!

We’ve got a poll here where you can nominate your favourite 10. Get in quick and help shape QTas’s repertoire!